The Finish Line

Everyone is a winner in a relay race, you only got disqualified when you go off the track because every racer must reach the finish line.

You might start a business a few years back, and you are thinking otherwise because you see a friend doing well in his/her business. You both don’t need to end up big all because you start at the same time. The moment you set up to doing something great, weather you want to take a course, you want start business, you’re thinking new ideas and innovation, guess what, success has been placed in other.

It’s doesn’t matter how long it takes you to finish the course or Writing your plans you’ll surely end up big,
when you’re committed to your vision, you stay through to your plans and  you’re open to new ideas and learning, and committed to yourself

Sometime we get weary about life, we  felt like giving up, thinking this isn’t my thing or this  what i was call to do, sometimes we might loose focus, even trying to gain balance, because Albert Einstein once said.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Never get too weary, you need to keep going on the track, rewrite your desire goals and work yourself more and tell your dreams to a stranger or people who are not into you and in everything you want to do give it your shot.

The finish line is near, you are on step call away to your great achievement, the world is waiting for you, they want buy into your ideas, they can’t wait to invest in your product, don’t stop  doing what you are best at. Don’t get distracted with the noise you hear, or what people say about you because people I’ll always find a way to criticize you of anything.

I understand it’s not easy bringing your dreams alive, but if you remain on that path you made for yourself you surely make it.

So, don’t be discouraged, don’t  go off track,  keep running the business, keep running the project, don’t stop learning because there more to earn, very soon you’ll get the big breaks.

I’ll be glad to see you living at the top of your dreams and bringing the best out of yourself. Remember the people who has helped you during your hardest time, always reach out to them and be a grateful one.


How to leverage vulnerability as a Leader

Vulnerability can feel like a weakness especially for a leader.

Vulnerability can feel like a weakness, especially for a leader. However, if you choose to harness it, vulnerability can be an excellent asset for your brand. 

Being a leader can be difficult, and requires a lot of bravery. Sometimes it will be difficult not to let your duties overwhelm you. Try to focus on improving yourself in every way that you can, this includes harnessing your vulnerability. Here are two ways how vulnerability shows leadership. 

Be Honest

We’ve all experienced failures and setbacks, even when it comes to our careers. Try not to dwell on these mistakes, but instead turn them into a learning lesson to share with your team. Leverage those faults to become a better leader. 

Ask For Help

It can seem a bit taboo for leaders to ask for help. However, collaboration as a team means that you’ll need at least a small amount of help from others. Learn how to listen to your team before assigning tasks, there’s a fine line between sounding confident and “bossy”. Don’t be afraid to ask your team for help when you need it. 

Leadership isn’t always easy. Make sure that you’re taking the time to ask for help when you need it, and be honest when something doesn’t go the right way. Above all, remember that harnessing your vulnerability as a leader helps you explore new avenues for change. 

Through this you can always get better .

5 lesson to learn during hard time

Hard times are meant to build us for the better days

If we don’t learn from the hardest times in our lives, we will never be able to move past them.

If we don’t learn the lesson, it’s almost certain history will repeat itself in some form. Whenever things don’t go to plan, whenever life throws us challenge and hardship there’s always a hidden blessings and always a strong lesson.

It may not be our fault, sometimes things happen that are completely out of our control, but if we detach from the situation and look at it objectively, we might be able to see an area where we could have better, an area where, if we had done the ground work, the impact would have been less damaging.

Whatever happened, whatever you’re going through Use It. Use It to develop yourself, use it to grow into a stronger human being, use it as a training ground and See it as a learning experience and use it to help others who be going through something similar as challenging.

Here are 5 lesson we must Learn from the hardest times.

  1. Self-work works, during the hardest times we really see who has done the work on themselves and who hasn’t. Self-work doesn’t guarantee negative things won’t happen to you but it your ensures your Response to those negative events will be far better than those who have not done the work.

During difficult moments, it’s more important than ever we react from a place of calm and clarity not from fear or panic and that is where self-work comes in.

Those who have done the daily work in mediation and prayer are in a better place to make decisions, those who Practice daily gratitude are in a better place to resist the surge of negative energy flowing around them.

If you haven’t be doing a self-work now would be a fantastic time to start don’t brush it off, Don’t over look it, if you’re not in a good place right now and you if haven’t be doing the work right now, yourself if you want to continue living this way?

Do you want to continue feeling this way throughout your life, if you want to make change in your life, so commit to start that daily pratice and commit to it today.

Write down the things you like to practice on
Gratitude, Prayer, Meditation, reading something inspiring, and do the things that will make you a better you, write it down and promise to do it every day.

  1. Something and Some people are not that important, hard time can be a blessing in so many ways, one of those is noticing the things that we gave too much space in our minds and emotions, that are really that important. We notice those who are always there, those who really cares and sometimes some don’t even care.

We notice those who gave their time out for no matter what and those who didn’t.

So ask yourself a question, what has been consuming too much of my time that really isn’t important? Maybe it’s time to make some changes. And create a better life.

  1. Something and Some people are that important. We must show that we know this and appreciate this. relating to the second point hard time can really jolt us into understanding what and who really cares about us. Who do we turn to in hard time, who do we jump to protect?

Who would we do anything for, no matter what we are going through. What passion come out, what make us better and stronger in this moment? ,what make us feel happy no what is going on? These things matter.

Sometime we to tell me people how impt they are to us, how important and how much you appreciate them.

  1. Things as to change, during the hardest times we all know that things has to change, but most are not willing to make those changes poor habits, fear and conditional things keep us locked into the prison of the past. Which only can tell more the same in the future. nothing will change long term unless you setup to change everything that needed to be changed, expecting your current situation to change when you don’t is insanity.

Commit to the self growth changes, you can make to create the life you want to have, commit it now and keep practicing it daily and give yourself a new identify. The old things must pass away and the new things must come alive.

  1. This too shall pass, it’s hard when you’re going through stressful, life altering moment to hear this, but if you look back your life, and the lives everyone around you, you’ll see that everything passes Good times Don’t last forever and neither do hard times.

Trust that this moment will pass, know that they will. And start doing the inner work now so that no moment in time can alter your state do not work on you. So no moment, no event, no circumstances can change how you feel about yourself or your life. Keep going and keep going with focus and Faith in God and Faith in your heart.